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The Bae Beach Club Shares Mystical Single ‘A Place Of Our Own’.

Finding out about our future, through the soul of our significant other, is what dreams are made of. The coalescing of the minds, in individual sanctums coming towards the clutter that is love. We make it work, we want it to work, and somehow things turn out alright.

The Bae Beach Club is one of our newest faves, because as we’d put it in our review of their single ‘All Day’: “The smooth beach going licks and sultry vocals of Kiki Klassen, divulge the need for our internal inhibitions to sprout, grow, and lay out in the sunlit plains we dreamed of. The quick hit escape of ‘All Day’, truly transports our senses to another plateau where our day to day stresses are melted away.”

And surely they still do with ‘A Place Of Our Own’.

Day dreaming is our portal to the places we wish and want. The desire to go ‘THERE’ is the genesis for that, sometimes, long and lonely road we must travel.

“A Place of Our Own is about finding a truly authentic love. Its about forgetting social media and the very superficial ideas we have about what love should look like and how much money we should spend to make it appear genuine. Its about wanting to be with a person regardless of any condition. “A Place of Our Own” isn’t necessarily referring to a physical location, but rather a mental state of complete content.”

Their upcoming EP ‘Our Escape’ drops May 18.

Listen to their other single ‘All Day’ [HERE]


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