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The Bae Beach Club’s New Single ‘All day’ Grieves The End of Summer and Relationships We Adored.

Let’s stroll on the wild side. The flaring fire cracker within your heart. As your chest bumps with desire and thoughts of beautiful brilliance into the future. And on that road to self salvation, might exist The Bae Beach Club. And their latest single ‘All Day’ is that culminating summation, divided by the quotient that is your life, work, and the details that make you smile.

‘Our Escape’ EP due to drop on May 18.

The smooth beach going licks and sultry vocals of Kiki Klassen, divulge the need for our internal inhabitions to sprout, grow, and lay out in the sunlit plains we dreamed of. The quick hit escape of ‘All Day’, truly transports our senses to another plateau where our day to day stresses are melted away.

At least for a moment.

But that’s all we need, isn’t it?

The sensation of a good shoulder message. The under appreciated ASMR-like support from the one you love. The quiet and rhythmic sounds of a bird chirping in the early summer morning.

Vocalist KiKi Kinaschuk says, “This tune sets the tone for the upcoming EP, Our Escape. ‘all day’ unveils an honest expression of creating your ideal situation introspectively. Ultimately, it invokes a feeling of restlessness when regrouping back to reality.”

Love is the way. And at this moment in time, we adore this little tune.

‘Our Escape’ EP will be released on May 18.

The band consists of: Kiki Klassen, Chase Donoghue, Noah Rastegar, and Damian Birdsey.

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Upcoming shows:
In the Soil Arts Festival – April 29th
Canadian Music Week (Toronto, ON) – TBD May 7-13th
Our Escape release show @ Warehouse (St. Catharines, ON) – May 19th
My Son the Hurricane @ Warehouse (St. Catharines, ON) – June 9th


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