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The Band Ice Cream Shares ‘Your Guy’. “You Wake Up In A Tire In Front Of The House The Next Morning.”

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Oh how dreamy. Not that kind of ‘dreamy’. But the kind of dreamy-ness of a ‘weirdo-pop-rock’ band from the wilds of San Francisco. Or you can call that ‘not-so-dreamy’, depending on your perspective.

But there’s no denying. This single ‘Your Guy’ from the gang is special. Not like ‘dumb-special’, but musically engaging and fun to listen to / rotate in our music device of choice – kind of special.

And boy. Are they ever.

You know that one particular party where ‘beer pong’ was the main high-light feature and in your brain you said to yourself, “This is weird. What the heck.”

You do your thing at the party: mingle, hit on girls (or guys if you’d like), make jokes, do some shotgun speed tests (to impress the girls), and eat a lot of chips.

Then near midnight, you see that dang beer-pong set-up. Seems like it was fun. Were you drunk? Heck yes. But that’s not the point.

‘Holding your liquor’ you slide towards the table. You indicate you wanted ‘next’. The already established group of players acknowledged.

It was a go.

You wake up in a tire in front of the house the next morning.

“Did I win?”

Yes you did. Yes. You. Did.

If you didn’t get it from the little story, THE BAND ICE CREAM isn’t the ‘protagonist’, nor the ‘beer pong table’. The band is ‘the determination and the reticence to extend your limits and vulgarity, to a neighborhood accepting degree’.

Oh do they ever.

Anywho, enough non-sense from us at CHF. Go listen to the gang in THE BAND ICE CREAM, and enjoy it. It’s fun, it’s indie-rock. And fresh.

What else can you ask for.



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