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The Bergamot // Magic Bronson // Devon Welsh // Mazoulew // Wallfly

The Bergamot – L.A.

THE BERGAMOT are beautiful to watch in their bodies of work are on display for all to hear. Thought and preparation is signals of dedication to the truth of the story being told, and the outfit, comes through again and again. Here’s how THE BERGAMOT describes the single ‘L.A.’: “Somewhere between the lavish lives of the successful tycoon and the struggling artist, is the everyday story of someone packing up. Quietly moving on to the next phase of life. Getting away from the lure of dreams and distant hopes, and into the harsh reality: what comes after the dreams silently slip away? L.A. attempts to take a look at moving on with a dimly veiled eye of reality – with an ever persisting hope “I WANT to believe in you” but alas here we are. Resolving into a tailspin of sounds including feedback looped pianos through guitar amps, guitars through synths, taking the listener to it’s final resting spot as the harmonies begin their final chant “Goodbye L.A.” – “I want to believe in you” – “Goodbye L.A.” – “I want to believe in you”. THE BERGAMOT consists of Jillian Speece & Nathaniel Paul Hoff, and they are true poets for the heart.

Magic Bronson – When Was The Last Time

“When Was The Last Time’ isn’t a rhetorical question. It’s a question to you. The blue collar worker. The white collar worker. The mom. The dad. The friend and to you the lover. Inspired by The Talking Heads and LCD Soundsystem, MAGIC BRONSON, touches you on your nose with a pin prick of sparkle, and makes fun of your state of unhappiness. This song is your chance for happiness. Listen to that rap, in that 70’s punk-funk ways it tickles your insides. Get moist. Get hot. You know you want to. You haven’t forgotten. The moment, within a moment is hard to recognize. But just like a reflexive muscle, repetition is the key. Let’s practice. Let’s dance and live that second to the finest.

Devon Welsh – Somebody Loves You

Ominous and succulent, DEVON WELSH’s prose in ‘Somebody Loves You’ is a manifestation of what a heartache must be like. Should be like. In its pain and its description of such, delivers the heft and vision for what Devon designated. Devon is the former frontman of art-pop duo Majical Cloudz. Stated Devon: “As you get older, love becomes so much stranger than the childhood fantasy versions of yearning and desire,” Welsh says. “Romance can be such a scary thing because there’s so much trust involved – sitting with uncertainties and reservations, taking a longer look at emotions, trying to understand them. But there’s a deepening of love, which is the energy that holds people together.” We won’t be alone, if you truly don’t want to be. See Devon next at The Baby G in Toronto, August 18th.

Mazoulew – Shogun

Mazoulew began his music journey in 2004 after falling in love with trip hop and the art of sampling. Inspired by various genres like Motown, acid jazz and drum&bass, the UK producer has been on a perpetual journey of broadening his influences. Collaboration and independently produced works about from where MAZOULEW resides, evolving, refining, exploring the grandest sounds he can muster.

Wallfly – Accident Freak

QUEEN meets 90’s art-funk? WALLFLY is indescribable in this single ‘Accident Freak’. Formed just in 2018, the outfit is a live show troupe from Provo, Utah, which plays it up for the synth gods, and makes colorful (odd?) pop that makes you move your hips. Look for their two EPs and their upcoming 2020 US tour. Should be a hum-dinger.


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