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The Bergamot Shares ‘P.D.R.’. “Soaked In The Nutrients Of The Heart, Squeezed Comfortably, To Fit Perfectly”.

Husband and wife duo of Nathaniel Hoff and Jillian Speece makes music that professes their love for each other – every time. Well, at least that’s what the audience (and us at CHF) seems to feel. And that core passion for the living life form – otherwise independent and self sufficient – can do to a man…a woman…a collective sensibility of “we can conquer all”.

The rounded pegs of life sometimes need to be soaked in the nutrients of the heart, squeezed comfortably, to fit perfectly in to that slice of that millennium. The era of Sagittarius badgers the new one thousand years, bringing forth a new philosophy in love, practicality, and meaning for us simple construction of nature.

The air sits light and airy.

Amongst the layered coats of painted rosemary.

And time will soak through, to that other side of terror.

Of not being with you, your soul, your lips, your body, your thoughts.

Let’s go to the next dimension, forever and ever.

Nathaniel and Jillian thinks we all should deserve that moment.

And at CHF, we think so too.

THE BERGAMOT will play on August 10 @ Lincoln Hall + Schubas in Chicago with Guest.




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