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The Big Swim Shares ‘Red Ink’. Drizzling Of Peppering Questions, Hyphened Ill Contentment.

From the musical outcrops of Montclair, New Jersey, there is a band we’re really hyped about. And that band is THE BIG SWIM. The cast of colors the band projects, is mellow and sumptuous, at the same time in their single ‘Red Ink’. The single has caught us in a tizzy, for the song is a fabulous display (and example) of what an indie-rock-pop New Jersey band can accomplish. Moreover, it’s the kind of style of songwriting and presentation, we’d like to see more of, here at CHF.

Eleanor Grace’s vocals is unassuming in many angles, but is confident, self reliant, and throws caution to the wind – subliminally staging the tantrums in combative relationship notions, nudged by the over-arching criteria of ‘Why me. Why can’t you love me the way I am’ kind of ‘feels.’

It’s an intoxicating voice for this format.

And it fits perfectly for what ‘Red Ink’ wants to communicate. The single is a constant drizzling of peppering questions, hyphened ill contentment, and with a pinch of cambered confusion in self-doubt. A conversation within the protagonist – a one way discussion, with no end in sight. It’s a small tragedy – a tale of an unremarkable, but worldly subject, we all can relate.

The four piece band is completed by: John (Bass), Andrew (Lead guitar), and Chris (Drums and background vocals).

We’d first seen them live back in late April of 2018, and we were certainly keen on them. And as the days go by, and experienced their studio single – now it’s official: we’ll have to go STEADY.

Simply. We’re fans. And looking forward to cheer on the band and seeing more kick-butt singles and EP, soon.

Kudos, gang. Kudos.

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