The Binge ‘No Blisters’ : How far will we go?

The Binge

Rebellion for a cause. A cause for altruism. Altruism, begotten. A set of principals, and a cyclical round up, in desperation and stagnation. The seemingly alternating substrate of The Binge’s single ‘No Blisters’ is a rousing explosion of morphing platitudes and subservient algorithms of our cultural plight.

This and that, mixed with flotsam and jetsam of feeling, gang up on a summation of delightful force and forceful intentions. The grinding White Stripes-esque nostalgia coarse through the song, invigorating your senses and focus. The humiliation of our personal presence in this world, is stripped away with gangly word invocations and aggressions of undertones.

We humans will always be on the edge of self-destruction.

How far will we go?

Zeitgeist liberation.


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