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The Black Delta Movement announces debut LP ‘Preservations’. Shares single ‘King Mosquito’.

The Black Delta Movement is a rock band. Touch of psychedelia, for good measure, and for a distinct and kick-butt assortment of music. And hey come from the land named England, bringing good news, announcing (finally!) their first LP ‘Preservations’ coming March 20th. After 2 EPs and many miles traveled doing their live music thang, we can expect the full arsenal of riffs, we come to expect from the band.

“‘Preservation’ is somewhat of a time capsule of those years with old songs, new songs, re-records and songs that have seen tape for the first time.”

“Fresh from a successful UK and European Tour, traveling over 6,500 miles and visiting 8 countries, The Black Delta Movement came full circle and returned to headline their own sold out show, it was a fitting sign off for that chapter of their story and now they sit gritting their teeth with the wide eyed anticipation of wolves, waiting to see what 2017 will bring. With exciting projects on the horizon – talks of a new single two possible albums and tours in the UK and abroad, there looks to be exciting times ahead. The band were due to tour with Little Barrie in September until the untimely death of the brilliant Virgil Howe on the eve of the tour.”

It’s been a busy 8 years for the duo (Matt Burr and Dom Abbott), for it’s taken a long time to culminate to a fresh new LP. ‘Preservation’ will consist of brand new songs, and none of the past EP and Single released songs.

It’s a great sign. Always.

That means they have a belly filled with FIRE. You know, the analogy that says, in this case, the duo has more tales they’d want to tell, studio form, expressing emotions – up and down, right side up.

In the new upcoming album, our favorites are: ‘Deceit’, ‘Hot Coal’, ‘Let The Rain Come’, and of course ‘King Mosquito’.

And, when listening to the songs, the obvious impression is of the method in which the band wanted to present the vocals. It’s continued throughout, where the style keeps one kinda half-arms-length away. Like a ‘half-outer-body’ experience? In any case, the vocals is accentuated by the wholly punk-ish anthems of the instrumentals.

It’s like real butter on juicy slab of rare-Steak: decadent and keeps things at the mellow. But all the while your brain is going ‘WHOA! Let me sizzle!‘.


We get why they’re so popular with the live crowd.

We do, for sure.

Kudos, Matt/Dom. Kudos.

Ok, so ‘Preservation’ drops March 20th.

And as we’d mentioned – it’s a dang good thing.

Buy [HERE]

They are rep’ed by Clubbed Thumb Records, working hard out of Kingston-Upon-Hull, England.


Album Song List:

  • Rome
  • Hunting Ground
  • King Mosquito
  • Deceit
  • Hot Coals
  • Let The Rain Come
  • Ivory Shakes
  • For You
  • No End
  • Butterfly


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