The Blowies ‘Selfie Fucks’ : Wit, sass, humor, and empathy.

Much fun. In bunches.

The Blowies

With the aesthetic vibes of The Clash, Sex Pistols, Ramones, Buzzcocks, and The Rolling Stones at the fore, the band’s inquisitive-minds-want-to-know cavalcade of fun notes, makes your day – and then some.

“The swirl of mass media, political intrigue, evolving technology and “likes” of the last few years have turned our world into one of the extremes. Faster than you can say whiplash, we’ve already been consumed by the latest scandal, crisis or moral indignation. This rollercoaster ride has wrought a cascade of absurdities and a punk act whose very mission is to call them out one-by one in the only apt way imaginable; via absurdity.”

Formed in Austin, Tucker Jameson and Samuel Thompson, takes it up another notch with ‘Selfie Fucks’ and makes you dance, while they’re at it. The duo met in 2015 on the “astral plane performing in other musical projects until the deafening political climate made them realize that their words could not be withheld and The Blowies were born.”

Interesting how life works sometimes, eh?

Wit, sass, humor, and empathy comes into play as the rockin’ vibes of The Blowies, ‘blow’ you away.

Imagine the live show?!




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