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The Blue Sega // Serapha // Carpet City // Ryahder // Wake Up John

The Blue Sega – Mango Dream

THE BLUE SEGA is Thomas van Oostrum and in his charming offering of ‘Mango Dream’, he “wrote this breezy song about my favourite juice in my studenthouse attic in Utrecht, The Netherlands.” Day dreams are a fascinating exercise for the human. Science doesn’t know why we do so – possibly to re-energize our bodies, or just to fortify in some way our inner being – it happens and sometimes, with the right artist at hand, a song blooms and offers up some goodness to the world at hand. Simple, direct, no pretense. Let’s enjoy the daydreaming of THE BLUE SEGA. This single is off of the latest album ‘Watching My Plan Grow’.

Serapha – Back in the Night

SERAPHA has an easy going vibe to her inflections and alt-pop indie vibes. And that is such a delicious contrast, when especially compared to the arrangement of synth that just dances and prances with noticeable fabulousness. “‘Back in the Night’ is a fun, upbeat song that I created about accepting the past and moving forward. I produced, wrote, and sang “Back in the Night” and I also recorded and co-engineered the song at LA’s legendary Record Plant with Alex Layne (Marshmello, Sam Smith, CHVRCHES). The song was mastered by Reuben Cohen (Chloe X Halle, Sheck Wes). SERAPHA has something going on here, and we dig it. You should too.

Carpet City – Little Longer

Intriguing single ‘Little Longer’ from solo artist CARPET CITY, gives us (and hopefully for all of you too) hope for what art can be in this saturated world of music. Creativity is never limited when you just want to make it happen. And in CARPET CITY’s case, he’d wanted it and made this delicate, off stage left, song of delight. The stripped and naked acoustics are just a tease-fest for the words that are substantive and inevitably gargantuan in story telling. Small things can be big things. And ‘Little Longer’ is one of those that traverses with small volume, but speaks with a big stick. A solo project indeed. But never solo.

Ryahder – Starry Eyes

Bit of synth. Bit of wave. Bit of pop. Whole lot of decadence on top. Delicious electro-pop that is purple, pink, metallic, bright. ‘Starry Eyes’ by RYAHDER is all of that and certainly a little more. Almost nothing is known about this singer/songwriter/producer. But we feel that soon it should be time to let the public and us, know of his/her story. In the meantime, let’s enjoy this simple and direct offering.

Wake Up John – Ball & Chain

Wake Up John is a husband/wife husband/wife quartet blending alternative rock, folk, Americana and blues. Nathan & Hannah Swavely head this fun and thrusting Americana project, and with Nathan’s fun and inviting vocals, it surely entertains with zero pretense. “An upbeat, honest take on the struggle every married person faces when they consider that they gave their life away to another human.” Whoa. Serious stuff ain’t it? We think so. Just because statistically 40 to 50 percent of marriages will end up in divorce (according to the APA). =P So, let’s think deep and hard; let’s work with our spouses. Frustrations? Every relationships have it. Let’s celebrate the goodness. ‘Ball & Chain’ is fun and airy and fabulously made for your list. See the band next @ Chaplin’s in Spring City, Pennsylvania on October 12th.


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