The Blues and Greys ‘Mayday’ : Tomorrow will be another day. Tomorrow will define a new beginning.

The Blues & Greys

“I wanted ‘Mayday’ to touch on the difficulties of cultivating healthy relationships in your young adulthood,” said lead vocalist Lindsey Waldon: “A lot of times relationships would fall apart over bad communication, dishonesty, and lack of trust. It seemed like a common theme while navigating life in my mid twenties. Things would feel really good with a person one second and then the next it would all be one big beautiful lie.”

Beautiful tones of light and sound, make their way through the 90’s tinged acclamation of The Blues And Greys’ single ‘Mayday’. A shoegazy-inspired indie pop and rock gradation that amplifies the vocals with manic effects. A Californian vibe exudes through the vein of this single, as it percolates with exuberance and that dark-tinged coming-of-age vibe that toes the balance in anthemic resilience.

Tomorrow will be another day. Tomorrow will define a new beginning.

‘Mayday’ was was engineered by Ian MacGregor (Twenty-One Pilots, Mika) and mixed by Brian McTear (Local Natives, Sharon Van Etten) and Matt Schimelfenig (Caytana, Gladie).­

The Blues and Greys are made of talents: Lindsey Waldon (vocals), Zachary Wallace (guitar, keyboard), Joey McDermott (drums), and Michael Million (bass, vocals).


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