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The Brinks – Honey

We love a good combination of synth and rock. Just as good as peanut butter and jelly. The Brinks’ Honey is a sexual innuendo, waiting to be listen to, imagined to, and then hope there’s an opportunity that it will happen in really life for you. LOL.

We mention it that way, because The Brinks brings a third element in to this equation: humor and whimsy.

Isn’t that sexy though?

Just like a significant other: she/he is ‘hot’ and ‘smart’, but is ‘funny’ and ‘clever’ at the same time – it’s almost a perfect scenario.

You should marry that that person, quick! Well, that’s what we’re saying about this song. It’s clever, fun, and sexy. It’s gold.

The synth in this song adds a layer to the whole thing, and we dig that too. At times it seems to be in a salad bowl of audio goodness (versus melding in together like butter seeping into that awesome french toast batter), but it does its job.

Oh, and we’re using too much ‘food analogies’ for some reason.

Must be hungry.

Anywho, this is a fab tune. We dig it, and you should too.

Seems like the duo in the band is having lots of fun, so we all should try as well.

Go, go!



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