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The Brothers Moore Shares ‘HWY 75’. “Rushes out to greet and meet your every expectation.”

Put your hair down and enjoy THE BROTHERS MOORE’s single ‘HWY 75′. It’s a dang fabulous, let the world off of your shoulders, kind of rock n’ roll offering.

With driving guitars and classic pop-rock progression, ‘HWY 75’ indubitably delivers in that massive urgency in your mind, thirsty for the nightmares of the day to day, and transition into what you were meant to be.

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, THE BROTHERS MOORE is one of those bands that just shines, in the studio and on top of the stage. Immaculately reminiscent of rock bands like Kings Of Leon and The Strokes, the energy from THE BROTHERS MOORE rushes out to greet and meet your every expectation.

The brothers Billy and Bobby Moore strive to make your night out one of the best, and with compadres Jake White and Troy Smith completing the quartet, they succeed with 5 start quality.

There will be several more singles due out during 2019.

Keep you dancing shoes and smiles ready for more, from THE BROTHERS MOORE.



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