The Budos Band ‘Long In The Tooth’ : Yo! It’s The Budos Band! Listen Up.

The Budos Band

The Budos Band, offers their sixth studio album ‘Long In The Tooth’, to work. ‘Long In The Tooth’ marks the 20th anniversary of the band’s inception and 15 years since their eponymous 2005 full-length debut.

Sounding as if Quentin Tarantino was the music supervisor for a Bond film, the title track locks the listener into an unshakable groove, with drums simmering between swells of horns as guitar snakes towards a resounding organ. The album is clearly a standout, a culmination of a 15-year journey by a band that has consistently carved its own distinct path through the grooves of history.

After one listen, you might expect a full orchestra behind the curtain, instead, you’ll find eight ruthless mavericks – Brian Profilio [drums], Daniel Foder [bass], Tom Brenneck [guitar], Mike Deller [organ], Jared Tankel [saxophone], Andrew Greene [trumpet], Dave Guy [trumpet], Rob Lombardo [bongos, congas]. The band occupies a unique place in the musical stratosphere.

While they themselves have maintained a timeless and unique style unaffected by musical trends, the signature Budos sound has been sampled by Panic! At The Disco, Black Eyed Peas, and Earthgang to name a few. Notable fans range from Madonna (who loved them so much she invited them to perform at her birthday party), rock God Iggy Pop, and fellow Staten Island musicians, The Wu-Tang Clan.

The Budos Band had reached a critical high with Budos V in 2019. Debuting at #1 on Billboard Heatseekers chart, their fifth full-length was applauded by both new and life-long Budos fans and masses of press including NPR All Songs Considered, Rolling Stone, and KERRANG!, which quite fittingly described them as “booty-shaking funk that sounds like Satan spreading his wings.”


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