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The Bummers Shares ‘Garbage People’. “That Indoor Spin Bike That You Never Use.”

Well, as THE BUMMERS put it to us straight: “People living in their own garbage” is a fabulous subject to tackle for an indie-rock band. And we at CHF, tend to agree with this theoretical avarice of a diagnosis. We (i.e. humans) do sometimes live in our own ‘garbage’. Maybe the world is filled with the things that has potential to be ‘garbage’ very soon in its life cycle.

That indoor spin bike that you never use.

The game system that you place intensely for like a month. Now collecting dust.

The plastics we used to put stuff in, all of the time!

And the biggest pile of ‘garbage’ we live in…

Our life.

Sometimes, we feel that things are not going right in the life we live in, that we feel like that used up can of Coke in the green trash bin outside the house. Lonely, singularly isolated, used up, empty – neglected by the people we thought had our backs.

This is too dark and dreary, ain’t it?

So, let’s choose to believe THE BUMMERS’ single is a ‘cautionary tale’ for what we ‘shouldn’t’ become. Let’s work hard. Let’s be smart. Let’s be light on our feet.

Let’s smile, laugh, love.

You never know. Maybe that’s just what the doctor ordered to set things right.

THE BUMMERS consist of Sean “Dong” Doyle, Ben Shooter, Clay Hakes, and Max Berdik. They are from New Orleans, and they make good bumpin’ music for all of us to rock to.



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