THE BUOYS Shares ‘Arm Wrestle’. “Relationships??? What Relationship?”

THE BUOYS want to fuzz you out. Now that their debut EP ‘Soft Boy’ has dropped and available, the next big step is to put out another EP. That’s how it goes, man. And when you get fuzzed out by the gals, you’ll like it like it’s Thursday.

The 4 piece band is what your mom said should bring home, but you know your mom is always being ‘nice’. Actually, if you think about it, she always mean the opposite.

But you SHOULD bring THE BUOYS home to mom. They’d blow the lid off of her notions. Might even further affirm her initial notions, but that’s kinda progress, right?

“Arm Wrestle came to be when I had to address the reality of a situation. I had to explore if my thoughts were rational, or if I was making things up in my head and self sabotaging. It details that inner voice argument of, ‘something really bad is going down’ vs ‘don’t be silly, it’s all in your head, you’re crazy’. It’s an exploration of what it’s like to gaslight yourself really, only to find out your gut was right and you weren’t paranoid after all.” – Zoe

Oh, and Zoe had been introduced to Tess, through a failed Tinder date. Anthea and Ros came to stay, in a more conventional way.

=D Love it.

Anywho, Zoe describes their work as her ‘diary dumping ground’. Whatever it might be, THE BUOYS brings the eclectic fun that we all should enjoy.

“Make fuzz. You’re my friend.” – CHF




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