The Burney Sisters ‘Unbearable’ : Sounds that emanate so effortlessly.

The Burney Sisters / Photo: Berr Nichole

Olivia and Emma Burney are a dynamic sister duo with an indie folk/pop sound. And they love the things that they do for sound and music. From the craft of exacting rivets of emotions to be examined by their listeners, charm like the chandelier twinkle in the sunlit sky.

From yearning of hearts and unspoken promises loss and remorse, an aching of intentions, lay on top of each other, like naked bodies of passions that makes us blush with exalting fervor for the fight of our lives.

That fight is yours, and very personal. Alone in the corner, of such and such of invoking clarity. The righteous inquiries, only you can unlock.

Beautifully talented and sophisticated, 12 and 14 year olds, Olivia and Emma Burney have been making music professionally for 3 years. Singing about topics and issues that reach far beyond their years and deliver emotional tangibility, they pull us along for the ride, with rich mahogany depth.

They started singing around the house when they were barely able to walk, and with some vocal coaching from Mom, they began harmonizing well before they picked up instruments. Olivia found her first love in the ukulele after finding one at a garage sale for a dollar.

With fully produced EPs and a full production album slotted for fall 2020, the sisters are targeting this year to be a fabulous one. And with sounds that emanate so effortlessly from the siblings, we have zero doubt that it will come true.

We are fans.

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