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THE C.I.C. Shares ‘In The City’. Synth Driven, Soul Drizzled Future-Hip-Hop The Mid-West.

With the brilliant production of THE C.I.C.’s single ‘In The City’, it is quickly apparent the band has the quite polished talents representative of their talents. And talented they are. The groove tsunami of the drums, perfectly drenched with the inter-mingling hypotheses of the synth keys, wrangle your mind – your heart to the single.

Combination of a dream-bedroom-pop-rock aesthetics with the hip-hop lyrics that keeps the conversation on the right path is the excellence of this single.

The quality from first note to the next is quite fabulous.

It’s the chill track that should be in any rotation.

There’s very little we know about the group, but we’re looking forward to more information about this fantastic combination.

“A lot more to come, just started taking things more seriously.” – THE C.I.C.

Got you gang. Looking forward to it for sure.


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