The C33s Share ‘Big Winner’. “They harness power and opportunities to kick your butt.”

Trio that is named THE C33s is your ticket to ride. A ride where you are the rebel with a cause and then some. A ride where journeys of your consciousness, dips, just enough into the unconscious. A ride where your care for this world and its materials, are eviscerated into just pure joy for the simple things in life.

‘Big Winner’ isn’t a happy-go-lucky song about being the perfection we all want to be. It’s the contrast of accepting that negligible imperfections of yourself. It’s that gnawing vibe of tryin’ to get to that finish line of satisfaction.

And that goes for the environment we live within, right?

Family, friends, strangers, neighbors, acquaintances, community leaders – all jumble up in a vat and becomes one and the same.

Pain, and sorrow, mix with happiness and confusion, that makes us the winner of our path – our ultimate choosing.

These are the norms in life.

How we dictate what we do with them, is your call.

‘Big Winner’ is a dynamic punk single, cast in the burgeoning talents of Judy Jones, Cav Green, and Ste Phillips astoundingly affords us a glimpse of the original past. The punk essence is ripe with color and attitude in ‘Big Winner’ as the song tells its story that is and will be.

Debuting in early 2019, the trio is a testament to purity in musical forethought and excellence. They harness power and opportunities to kick your butt. And they take that chance, every step of the way.

And we dig that. Lots.

See the trio next at the Blackthorn Music Festival on July 21st in Manchester UK.


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