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The Canvas People Shares ‘Cavalry Lounge’.

Single ‘Cavalry Lounge’ is psychedelic indie-rock that hithers your senses and licks your cheeks with irreverent and glittering revelry.

The 4 piece band comes big with the source dynamics and dreamy guitar riffs, the sound stage of the mind reflects in viscosity and unrelenting brightness.

The Canvas People’s “Cavalry Lounge” is a drunken call to action.

It’s a reflection on a generation facing a growing number of insurmountable challenges, made even more complicated by modern technology and extreme political division.

Kyle Taylor, lead vocalist said: “I think there’s a mistaken notion that we’re utterly powerless amidst the strange, new struggles were collectively experiencing. It’s easier to put your head down and take another sip of the potion, than to mobilize and take up arms. We’re all stuck on the barstool in the lounge.”

Word, daddy o’. Word.



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