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The Caracals Shares ‘Catch Your Eye’.

Debut EP is a milestone. It’s exciting. It’s an invigorating statement for a band, an artist. We always rant about that, for we do realize what has to become, for the right circumstances to be set, and cemented. It’s a journey, and THE CARACALS’ own journey to the debut EP probably isn’t any different. The challenges, the happiness, the wide open horizons, etc – helps build that momentum, to a critical degree.

With the second single ‘Catch Your Eye’, the band brings the surf guitar and the rock n’ roll sensibilities, wrapped in a nicely done entertainment piece.

As their presser puts it: “The Caracals is particularly inspired by the early 2000s, and the period’s unique wave of indie rock bands – from the sarcastic lyrical wit of Arctic Monkeys, to the bittersweet melodies of Kings Of Leon and the grit of The Strokes, only to mention a few. Johnny’s indie rock influences are tastefully mixed with Orange County surf, beat and flavorful 60s vibes, making for a direct and unique take on garage rock music.”

Yep. It’s a lot of things, tossed together, for a fun flavored dish.

It’s a good thing.



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