The Carbons ‘Superheroes’ : Dedication to those doing their best. Inspiration for the ones looking for role models.

The Carbons

“Everyone has the potential for greatness,” said The Carbons. “Superheroes was written in 2018 to inspire people to overcome the fears that hold them back. It was finally ready to be released this March. Then covid happened and we paused everything just like everyone else. After a couple weeks however, millions of people literally turned into superheroes by staying home, helping the elderly, making n95 masks from their homes, etc. It’s obvious now, this song belongs to these heroes and to all those waiting to be inspired.”

Tomy Thisdale, Conroy Ross and Paul Minor makes single ‘Superheroes’ the dedication to the front line and ordinary folks who continue to do their best to help the ones in need. Defending against the silent killer and of the neglect from administrations, inept.

Holding on, as human being do when in the worst of time – for all our sakes.

The Carbons released their debut LP August Ash in May 2018 and their unique “groove rock” sound has spread like wildfire ever since. Only eight months after the release, they returned from their cross-Canada 10,000km Tour and concluded 2018 by opening up for Spotify giants Pop Evil and Royal Tusk. In that time, they also wrote and recorded three new singles with Juno-Nominated producer John-Angus MacDonald (The Glorious Sons) and their newest single “Black Mirror” has earned them over dozens of playlist spots on Spotify, 8,000 unique listeners, and 80,000 plays to date.


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