The Ceiling Stares ‘Wicked Problem’ : Respite artistic proposals, and a delicate surge of dynamism.

The Ceiling Stares / Photo: Calista Lyon

The Ceiling Stares is a project of Stephen Patchan. With outrageously expressive vocals, respite artistic proposals, and a delicate surge of dynamism – the artist from Ohio, delves deep into song and into another under-sought vestiges of your listening mind.

“There isn’t a narrative thread through the song,” Stephen said. “It’s more about snippets of life that can trigger anxiety that can snowball into scary shit. I’m intrigued by the idea of a wicked problem, or a problem that has no solution, only mitigation. At the same time, I try to juxtapose that concept next to more lighthearted and somewhat veiled shout outs to Nikki Six, Frank Black, God and Satan.”

The title track ‘Wicked Problem’ is punchy, synthy, gritty, and resolves into your skin like vulnerability and horrors of reality, only can. The flavor is righteous with alt-rock granules, that forever seems to play tag, with your senses and revelry. A tang of Alice In Chains, dance like the Dickins, as the Interpol-like stories in avarice turns the screws on your knowledge of what it was like just 4 minutes ago. The wild and unconventional swings delve into Brian Eno’s and the Chromatics’ vaunted arenas, for safe measure.

“These albums are snapshots,” Stephen shared. “I like to grab ideas and topics and write songs about them. Sometimes, I’m playing with ideas; sometimes, I’m making a statement; sometimes, I’m seeing the humor in things; and, sometimes, I see the devastating effects. I like being heavy, but also smirking at the same time—I don’t take myself that seriously.”

Fo sho’, indeed.

Stephen’s got some wild and exotic rides ready in his music for ya. You game??

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Point of no return.

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