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The Chairman Dances Shares ‘Acme Parking Garage’. “Biological Sustenance Clock Is Ticking.”

THE CHAIRMAN DANCES has been around and doing their thang since 2010. But seems like the band never ‘ages’ in innovative music craft-worx. Must be the magic genes.

Take a look at their latest video and single for ‘Acme Parking Garage’. It’s art. The lyrics make it the oddest, and THAT makes it normal and consumable.

The Phili based band kicks it to another mountain top in this song, then quickly slaps you, and pulls you down to the weird-middle of life – when we think about STUFF performing our duties of buying dead plants and meat at the grocers.

Tick-tock my friend. Your biological sustenance clock is winding down.

Rejuvenation time, if you know what we mean (and you don’t).

The video was directed by Bob Sweeney, and the NEW upcoming album ‘Child Of My Sorrow’ will drop September 7th.



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