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THE CHANGS Share ‘On The Radio’. “Deep Seeded Rebellion And Angst.”

Reliant on her own volition, she started her journey to the outer reaches of the unknown horizon. She saw the future as the concept reflected on her own will to capture it, revere it, caress it.

Rapturous in the light forest in the morning dew, the brilliance of the coming messianic rationalization, calmed her nerves; calmed her neglect.

“Those were the days you see. It never got old. It was what I loved to do.”

THE CHANGS is a band based in Los Angeles and lead by Diana Chang. She had lots of things to say about the world around her, including ‘expectations’, ‘tokenism’, ‘sexualization’, ‘objectification’.

What drew to Diana’s output is the understated darkness in the lyrics and delivery of those lyrics. Diana’s natural idiosyncrasies in her vocals, distributes sound vulnerabilities. While at the same instance (especially in this single ‘On The Radio’) displays a deep seeded rebellion and angst towards the world’s ‘intended’ and ‘unintended’ bullying that effected her everyday. We feel the subtlety is something we can hold on to and access.

Dig deeper in ‘On The Radio’.

THE CHANGS consist of: Diana Chang, Bill Przylucki, Ben Freeman, Joe Bolter, and John Danek.

Their debut EP ‘Animal’ is available now.



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