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The Chewers Shares ‘Frankie’s Downhill Calendar’. All Messed Up In The Most Beautiful Way.

THE CHEWERS’ latest single ‘Frankie’s Downhill Calendar’ is a motherf*cker of a song. It’s demented. Yea. We said it: ‘It’s demented’. Just like the demon of The Exorcism (circa 1970’s), the characters are f*cked up, the scenarios are mangled, and at the end of the day, it’s a song you can’t get out of your head, because it’s like a Mango worms eating out at “your brain buffet”.

The band has 4 albums out now.

That’s how messed up their fans are. And at the same time how gloriously artistic and enthusiastic they are for ‘the unique’.

We at CHF’s the same. It doesn’t matter the subject or the art form. It’s about hearing things that are exciting to listen to. And often times, that means the artists/musicians are as f*cked up as their story telling styles.

Artistically speaking. FYI.

THE CHEWERS is a duo solicitation for the senses. Travis Caffrey and Michael Sadler are two from the great state of West Virgina and have been killin’ it for some time and doing their thang in Nashville.

Oh yea.

So, have a listen. ‘Frankie’s Downhill Calendar’ is like that framed art on the wall. Like it or not.


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