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The Colby’s // Grace Savage // Annika Grace // Laura Elizabeth Hughes // Danielle Gibbons

The Colby’s – Telephone

With 2019 starting with their newest EP ‘Skin’, the gang in THE COLBY’S makes a pop driven indie-rock music a beckoning for sorts. The direct and refreshing EP contains this single ‘Telephone’, where traditional pop music flavors tinge with vibrancy and effervescence. The love that could have, inspired the lyrics to shoot for the moon. Or at least for the girl who’d spurned, but always close in heart. The song is seriously driven, and marks a point of evolution for the band. The EP swings with THE COLBY’S irreverent take on themselves, passions, and their take on this life.

Grace Savage – Snowflake

GRACE SAVAGE is so very talented. We jealous. The former 4 time UK Beatbox champion turned electro-pop artist, Grace, takes everything into account as she takes names and remembers how to dictate. Her newest upcoming EP ‘CRACKS’ will drop May 17th, and it’s a guaranteed how she’ll be bringing the storm of words and vibes for subjects that are in the popular culture. ‘Snowflake’ isn’t any different. Grace stated: “This is a song intended to piss off the “Piers Morgan’s” of the world. It’s about owning the label “snowflake” and sort of taking the mick out of how ridiculous it is to label an entire generation with a personality trait. If you’re gonna call me a snowflake, I may as well be a fabulous pretty one!” Don’t f*ck with her. Oh yea. We dig Grace, like the Dickens.

Annika Grace – Anybody Out There

Annika’s shots at atmospheres is engrossing. The mark of synth, shimmering around Annika’s thrusting vocals, ingraciate in pastel aggression. The poetic and cinematic production of ‘Anybody Out There’ is palpable with raging angst and urgency that we often feel in our own, personal habitations. The rolling grace of the music, turns the volumes up of emotions for what it was like for you – for us – for her – for him. It’s the anthem that is understated in theme, but is a remarkable description for what we all do to try to cope. Knowing your worth and striving, is what we all should aspire towards. Annika has.

Laura Elizabeth Hughes – In My Defence

What lyrics. What beautifully crafted and woven line of lyrics. That first verse is impactful and full of the personality that we imagine LAURA ELIZABETH HUGHES has in her personal life. It’s the anthemic entrenchment that drops like a cliff dive. And in that chorus, the thankless retributions for loving and being loved, cuts like a knife and never more, can it be reproduced. A tragedy. A mistake. An unrequited demand that never quite came true. ‘In my Defence’ is a fab single that has all of the elements that makes music enjoyable to listen to, when done right. A pop offering of solitary personality, it beams with strength and gumption.

Danielle Gibbons – Love Me Better

Get up on her grill, and she’ll hit you right back. At least that’s the protagonist in DANIELLE GIBBONS’ single ‘Love Me Better’. The pop-dance tune gets the funk in and out of your dead soul. It brightens up a room with gold and purple hues, as the reflections in relationships diverge into confusion and conflicts, as nature intended. It’s love, after all. It’s messy. It’s glorious. So, let’s just dance. Because we all deserve better. Let’s love better. Let’s caress and care, more. The UK citizen, now resides in Nashville, bringing the noise and evangelizing for the kind of love we all desire.


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