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The Collier Shares ‘Brother’. “Captivating, charming, driving, expansive.”

Hauntingly surreal, beautifully crafted, THE COLLIER’s latest single ‘Brother’ is a haunting reminder of when grays seep into that spectrum of colors, as yet undefined – in purposeful repudiation of the obvious.

The band consisting of Joshua Hixson, Ellis Davis, Shaun Bowie, and George Rutherford leads us on a wonderland of notes, as the wisps of glances from Joshua’s vocals take our hand.

“Our overall sound and direction has really matured over the years, and ‘Loose Hearts’ represents that development,” the band stated about the single. “It’s not uncommon to look into yourself to try and find what else is there to contribute, so there’s definitely a sense of self deprecation we wanted to portray”.

“When you see someone you care about that’s unhappy, it drives you to want to pick them up and tell them you love them. I tend to have trouble expressing myself, so I try to express myself through song. Basically, cutting through all the bullshit of male bravado “i’m fine” and “don’t open up or you’ll look weak”. What I am saying is I see through that shit. I’m aware of it. I suffer from it too. I’m gonna help you, just when I figure it out for myself.”

Captivating, charming, driving, expansive – again, the band has out done themselves in ‘Brother’.

Join them in London on March 3rd at the Notting Hill Arts Club.


March 3rd London, Notting Hill Arts Club (Communion Club)
April 3rd Swansea, Bunkhouse(Supporting LONA)
April 4th Bournemouth, Anvil (Supporting LONA
April 8th Manchester, Eagle (Supporting LONA)
April 9th Leeds, Oporto (Supporting LONA)
April 10th Glasgow, Stereo (Supporting LONA)
April 11th Newcastle, Think Tank (Supporting LONA)
April 13th Liverpool, Sound Basement (Supporting LONA)
April 15th Stoke, Sugarmill (Supporting LONA)
April 16th Birmingham, Flapper (Supporting LONA)
April 17th London, 02 Islington Academy 2 (Supporting LONA)
May 4th Leeds Live at Leeds Festival


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