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THE COLLIER Shares ‘Easy To Love’. “Passions Explode. Understanding Keeps Thing Moving. Don’t Forget.”

Regrets come in many tints. But apologies should only come in one hue – honesty. And in ‘Easy To Love’, the essence of what’s embarrassing and tragic are rolled into what was the end result of an argument from mates to mates. The single is lead singer Joshua Hixson’s passionate apology for arguments he’s had with his band members.

“I wasn’t the nicest person at the time and felt that instead of going in and shouting and arguing, I would simply apologize by saying ‘hey I know it’s not easy being my friend, but humor me’”, Josh says.

“We wrote the ending together. It’s one of those big ridiculous endings that we love. To play it live is such a surge of energy that most times I find myself smashing my guitar on the floor out of frustration.”

Just like anything, being in a band takes chemistry, understanding, and patience – especially from the more blatant member. But there are chances to mend that bridge. However, once crossed, the cracks in a bridge need to be ‘maintained’. The ‘cracks’ are cumulative.

We hope with this kind of song construction, and with successes along the way, THE COLLIER members will get through it, and thrive even larger.

The Collier consists of: Joshua Hixson (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Ellis Davis (backing vocals and lead guitar), Shaun Bowie (bass) and George Rutherford (Drums).



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