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The Colonies // Laureline // Lucid World // Räre Birds // Elephant Stone

The Colonies – Potomac

“‘Potomac’ is a reflective track for the Fall season featuring a driving rhythm guitar riff, emotional lyrics, tight percussion and atmospheric lead guitar,” stated The Colonies. The band is made up of Pete Stevens, Joey Mamlin, Jordan Mullaney and Dylan Trupiano. And the quartet writes and brings songs about love, promises, and all that is in between the nitty gritty. It’s a beautiful thing, because even in the imperfection of love and romance, relationships we have are what we are built for. Good or bad, the social being of our hearts, can’t help but long for the thing that makes us whole. ‘Potomac’ is that story. Of us. And these guys who write emotions on paper then to instruments. What a world, eh?? See these smooth criminals of music next @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC November 30th.

Laureline – Wash

‘Wash’ is a love song. “You unlock an overwhelming sense of love within me.” Chris Rasmussen, Ciera Bardowell, and Marian Nutley deliver with absolute clarity and shimmering delight for the feelings of wanton wants and desires – sometimes unrequited in this sleep named life. Wonderful vocal dance are performed in ‘Wash’ as the trio makes majestic and artistic gestures of that promise in this moment – this time – this love, that might be. See them next @ The Wayfarer, Costa Mesa California November 13th.

Lucid World – Here

The sun rises here and tomorrow. You seemed a bit bored by the repetition, a billion years in time. Nothing phased you. So, she didn’t phase you, as she’d hoped that the space between you and her, closed off closer as the sun rose and the seasons passed. Your disappointment was her loss, you told yourself. But in that sunny and quiet day, she didn’t come to that place. That place where you’d hung out with her at the playground, every week, for a billion years in time. You sighed, a sigh for your own making and stupidity. Is this a dream? Will she come back? Time only flows forward. Don’t lose your turn.

Räre Birds – Endless Summer

Band from Stockholm, Sweden. The sound is characterized by the rock’s late 60’s but add synthesizers. Niko and Bernhard, the founders of the band writes and produces the songs. A carrying of sounds that reminds of guitar play of slow jams, lyrical works of the 60’s of your heart, and the weight of the story telling emotions you know you’re capable of – the band casts a slow danceable vibrance that is unmistakably decadent. Like the ride through Time Square and Tom Cruise’s manic lust for the life of a past life, a life of the now exists for your soul to pounce. ‘Endless Summer’ is exactly about those summer memories, where you’d never wished them to go away. They will. But as you turn away in sadness, a tap-tap of your shoulders reminds you that there will be another summer to come. The bitter-sweetness is felt in your bones.

Elephant Stone – Hollow World

Montreal’s Elephant Stone is the Polaris Music Prize-nominated psyche-pop creation of Rishi Dhir (vox, bass, sitar) along with long-time collaborators Miles Dupire (drums), Robbie MacArthur (guitar) and touring member Jason Kent (keys/guitar). From the upcoming LP ‘Hollow World’, the band shows us the goodness from their minds with MV for ‘Hollow World’. Rishi stated: “I’m sure I’m not alone in this sentiment. If social media has taught us anything, it’s that there are a lot of unhappy people out there who are trying to find a way out. They are looking for meaning and something to believe in… or nothing to believe in… We all want the same thing, but are trying to achieve it in different ways… I set forth writing a song-suite telling of a world of unhappy souls who have lost connection with each other. The storyline touches upon the plundering/poisoning of their home, the elite, demagogues, false idols, the truth as seen by children, and, ultimately, the fight for the survival of their species.” Whoa. Right on. See the fab group next @ Barracuda, Austin Texas, November 8th.


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