The Colonies ‘More Than Fine’ : Guess love will never be simple.

The Colonies

The lick. The punch. The fun. The Colonie’s single ‘More Than Fine’ is an anthem for the state of your frail love relationship and what you’re going to do about it. “So, what ya gonna do about it??” =D

“Taking charge”, is where girl and boy comes to know each other with no real hopes. But after some time, love and affection creeps in to take them in a surprise attack. The salvos are opened then a aggressive take over of hearts complete, before each ever knew it was happening. Challenges can be shielded, with ample powder of trust and loyalty. And in love, that’s the ‘good stuff’ that makes things real and make things work.

But not always.

Pete Stevens said: “We feel like a lot of our songs discuss the bad parts of being with someone, and the bad parts after they left. ‘More Than Fine’ is like the silver lining, the one that comes when you realize what happened was actually for the best.”

Life is but a box of chocolates, and sometimes you never know how things will finalize.

Guess love will never be simple.

The band is: Pete Stevens, Joey Mamlin and Jarrod Hendricks.


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