The Continuous ‘Remember Me’ : Darkened ambrosia of hues and tang.

The Continuous

Meticulous melodies, high-soaring chorus. A revelry of sights and memories, swell and subside with each bated breath of ‘Remember Me’, by The Conintuous. At the core are duo Tommy Embers and Drummer Jordyn Zubyk, who take rock satisfaction to another cosmic era, with songs as this. Darkened ambrosia of hues and tang, the band glistens in melodic effervescence, and hooks that make you want to be overcome by satisfaction.

Within the whole, lie two additional entities; Continuity, a creative activist community driven to challenge social normalities and raise awareness about the urgent state of climate change. As Seekers, the community is focused on developing an understanding of the most urgent global problems, and seeking out the most viable and realistic solutions.

Diabolically simple. Yet, oh so very complicated, The Continuous marks milestones of human interactions and marked insignificance of our inner beings.

The future is in The Continuous. The current lives in us all.


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