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Song Of The Day! The Criticals Share ‘Good Lookin’. “Sell your rockin’ soul, for the highest bidder.”

THE CRITCALS’ new single ‘Good Lookin’ is an orgy of goodness, with the right kind of cheese and bacon, for that smoky, forever lasting rock flavor. It’s dang good y’all.

Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart came together in 2018, and the Nashville based band is that influence of Rolling Stones hip thrust, with the guitar vanquishment indicative of so many prominent Brit and Scandinavian rock band of the recent past decade.

The travel of grandeur is sightly dilettante, and their effervescence for song is fan-tabulous.

Sing along with the band for the pop-rock endeavors is refreshing, always welcomed, radical, but oh so gentlemanly handsome – you won’t know what to do.

Well, of course, you can just dance, babies!

THE CRITCALS are rounded out with bandmates Reeve Powers, Andrew Grasso, and Izra.

The band is a festival ground-and-pound movement, settling smiles for audiences and taking their numbers, just in case, they need more.

Band to follow? Heck yea.



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