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The Criticals Share ‘Just for the Weekend’. “Tinge of sexiness, knows no bounds.”

The Criticals comes up with some great tunes. Nashville based, and rock n’ rolla – the band keeps the essence of good time vibes with action packed songs with indelibly vibrant hooks. Grit with a little tinge of sexiness, knows no bounds with the band.

“This song is the first tune that we recorded in our new spot in Nashville, away from our studio in rural TN. The edges are softer, but somehow still incendiary. Following the story of two people in a relationship, trying to make it work, but the boundaries are too restrictive.”

The 5 piece alt rock band from Nashville TN. Influences: The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Tame Impala, The Killers

Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart came together in 2018, and the Nashville based band is that influence of Rolling Stones hip thrust, with the guitar vanquishment indicative of so many prominent Brit and Scandinavian rock band of the recent past decade.

As we’d said of the band: “The band is a festival ground-and-pound movement, settling smiles for audiences and taking their numbers, just in case, they need more.”

One of our faves.

Follow them.

See them next @ The End, in Nashville, October 31st.



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