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The Criticals Shares ‘Treat Ya Better’. “Let’s make it worth while, before it’s too late.”


Yep. THE CRITICALS’ single ‘Treat Ya Better’ is a banger. Get your ‘sexy’ on as you dance to the groove of this indie-rock pop goodness that is all that is good with that feeling you have, the morning after that jammer of a party. You miss her, and all of your friends, and with all of the memories that still linger in your groggy head, you smile and jam to the memories you’d made.

Love is that way in many straits, no?

You. Her. Him. Getting there with a full assumption for the future together, then encountering the bumps and headaches which gives you pause. But the ‘party’ is just too good to stop and pass up. You were made for her. Him. And that’s a fact in your small but grand life.

Small things matter.

The gaze from her beautiful eyes matter.

His caring smile as he looks at you deep, is the world.

Let’s make it worth while, before it’s too late.

With a tinge of The Hives, and Rolling Stones sublimation, THE CRITICALS’ songs are made for fun. Live or in your room, ‘Treat Ya Better’ just gets your juices flowing.

And ain’t that just grand??

Heck yea, it is.

The band consists of Parker Forbes, Cole Shugart, Reeve Powers, Andrew Grasso, and Izra.

This Nashville, TN based rock band was formed originally by Parker Forbes and Cole Shugart in 2018.



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