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The Crow Family // The B.A.R.N. // The Pierce Project // Balthazar // Stereodove

The Crow Family – 21st Century Boy

Four piece rock band, based in the UK, throws the sh*t that you bring, right back at you. With classic rock elements, heightened with a beautifully quirky starts and stops, stagger you to attention. Rock, jazz, pop – the band is very much versed and their music (if you delve deeper into their line of singles) they fuses multiple genres that paints some compelling outcomes. And why not. Because this is where ‘fun’ really begins. With attitudes to make unique music, that they are into making, the female lead band keeps it real. Session freelancers makes it happen on the stage, and we like. Lots.

The B.A.R.N. – Love Thy Neighbour

Yes. The B.A.R.N. is refreshing. Like a new love affair. Like a crisp autumn morning. Like a well rested night. Like a trip out of the city and drive into the country (then a subsequent return to that city you call home). This band is an Anglo-French band with the mission of building works that traverse many plains of existence and worldly concerns. The Kinks, David Byrne, you name it, the extravagance in that cool tall drink of refreshment is what ‘Love Thy Neighbour’ brings to the table. With springy guitars licks, laid down in conjunction to the fab vocals and lyrics, all the right things come together in this single. At the end of the day, all you need are two thumbs to spring up as a sign of love for this single. Simple as that.

The Pierce Project – Cry me a River

THE PIERCE PROJECT continues his views on the wider spectrum of relationships and the things that make it frustratingly integral in our lives. The project is driving up towards their debut double album and the very ‘humble’ sounding songs singles like ‘Cry Me A River’ makes it such a walk in the park. You know. That park where everyone seems to be having such ‘fun in the sun’? And yet, being there with all of the happy faces, you’re crumbling inside, because of the pains that has scarred you deep inside. You thought you loved her. She was the one, you thought. But at the end of it all, it was just a step for both parties, in the charity-less journey in trying to find ‘the one’. THE PIERCE PROJECT harkens back towards the late 90’s progressive-grunge rock with a healthy slab of ambivalence and an interesting outlook on life. The way it should be.

Balthazar – I’m Never Gonna Let You Down Again

Off of their new album ‘Fever’, BALTHAZAR explores another facet of their emotional offering in ‘I’m Never Gonna Let You Down Again’. With the ever noted upbeat style of the band, the single is handedly calm and manicured, exhibiting sensible outcroppings of depth and virility. The style surely has changed for BALTHAZAR, but the inherent soul of the writing and accustomed construction of the songs make them another reason to love music. Jinte explains: “I’m never gonna let you down again is a breakup song with a twist, a groovy soul ode with a synthesizer, a chorus with a Bee Gee touch. It’s shaking it off, wherever it stuck.” After several years of solo projects, the duo of Maarten Devoldere and Jinte Deprez is back to get us closer to the heavens.

Stereodove – Joyride

Alt-rock pop song ‘Joyride’ by STEREODOVE, wrangles the 2000’s angst committed to the words of love and relationships. It’s the night when she told you that things ‘needed’ to be ‘better’. You needed time to think. It wasn’t sinking in. So, let’s just go get some drinks and think it over at the bar. Better yet, let’s go see a band. That was your thought but you snapped out of it, in time for you to answer her comments towards the possibilities of breaking-up. With a return glance towards her you then answer “I love you. Let’s work it out.” To us ‘Joyride’ just has that chaotic but oddly sensible rationality embedded inside the song. Although the only ‘rationality’ is inside the protagonist’s head, none the less the story telling is fabulously raucous and interesting.


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