The Cry ‘This Hazy Morning’ : A return after decades. As fresh as daisies.

The Cry

Beautiful Reasons, which only had a limited cassette release, became a thing of legend. The Cry’s heartfelt vocals, jangly guitars, upbeat drumming, and distinct bass lines never stopped attracting new fans, or growing in the hearts of old fans, and over the next 25 plus years they achieved something of a cult status.

The digital streaming world just recently brought their music back into the light and empowered by their fans and supporters THE CRY are back in full-force. THE CRY truly have a great relationship with their fans and the new music is for them.

Their new material shows them at their peak. The songs are just as upbeat, earnest and unforgettable as the music that built their myth. Maybe even more so. Their songwriting is more confident than ever, their current releases see them exploring new tones and embracing catchy hooks and sad nuance like few can.

Let’s do this, again.


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