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The Curious Incident // Catholic Action // Raggedy // Lambda Celsius // Hello Heartland

The Curious Incident – You In Education

‘You In Education’ is the new single from The Curious Incident. The song is a rebellious, devil-may-care, feel good indie song that bursts with energy. It’s a knee-raising indie banger that gets you sweating at the gig and keeps you going in the gym. The vibrant and uplifting, reggae vibin’ guitar work and rhythm, keeps you in the straight an narrow. Focused in the fun, you forget for a while the world around you. Centered around Kairo, the single just works to fame. Fans of Vampire Weekend, Two Door Cinema Club, Crystal Fighters and good times in general won’t be disappointed. Based between London and The Netherlands, Kairo and his live band are dead set on making the world jump.

Catholic Action – One of Us

“One of Us” is the first single from Catholic Action’s second LP, Celebrated by Strangers (March 27, 2020
Said Chris McCrory: “‘One of Us’ was written as a direct response to what I see happening in the UK – a country ravaged by poverty and a disintegrating social fabric of increasingly isolated and intoxicated people. A neglected group spun in circles by an uncaring billionaire-owned media, (mis)led into pointing the finger at one another as opposed to those truly responsible for this situation. A depressing but common problem in 2019…sound familiar?” From their fabulous debut in 2017, they make another fabulous thrust into the rock scene with songs like this. Wait until the LP drops, eh? Band is completed with bandmates Ryan Clark, Jamie Dubber, and Andrew Macpherson. The Glasgow based band has to be a part of your rotation. See them next @ Clarks on Lindsay Street, Dundee on October 10th.

Raggedy – Sheep’s Clothing

Raggedy is a solo artist with an intimate lo-if acoustic sound. Her haunting melodies capture the essence of her intensely personal lyrics, setting the stage for her home-recorded singles. Raggedy’s namesake is fitting to her musical style: melancholy, misfit, with a lot of heart. Heart, indeed. The sounds of music, evolves in a unique delight with Raggedy’s vibe of song and emotion. The ramparts of feelings are cast in defensive stance, but when the lyrics and smiling expressions of Raggedy’s singing comes to the fore, you cannot resist not swaying with the breeze. ‘Sheep’s Clothing’ is another one of Raggedy’s self reflection and of goodness for goodness-sake. It’s more happy than sad. It’s more low-key perfection than yo’d ever guess.

Lambda Celsius – Precious Child

Athens, GA creative, Lambda Celsius (Λ°C), has returned with a brand new single, titled ‘Get Over You’. Λ°C, worked with LA Industrial R&B artist, Precious Child and the result was that the strange combination of both of these artist’s aesthetic bloomed stylistically, amplifying industrial, new wave, and pop music. The project is AC Carter, a visual artist, musician, and costume designer. Currently based in Athens, GA. They perform original Elf-house music in garments they design alongside Amazon’s Alexa as their DJ. Word.

Hello Heartland – Altars

“Ours is a flat land, a place where ever so slight elevations of the terrain can inspire.” ‘Ridges’ the latest EP by Hello Heartland, celebrates this fact. ‘Ridges’ is music for landforms. “The EP holds seven instrumental contemplations of a modest feature in the plains landscape of central Sweden; the low rolling hills that throughout human history has served as grave sites, pastures and places of worship. Ridges then is part geography and part archeology. But more than anything Ridges is a musical excursion.” Hello Heartland consists of Gustav Berry, David Pärsson, Peter Svensson, and Martin Berry. They swell in contemplations for ‘Altars’ with the best traditions of vibes afforded by artists like Eric Johnson, Chick Corea, and Christopher Cross. Expansive and detailed, a fleeting vibe can trigger the most wonderful of music. It’s a beautiful thing.


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