The Damnsels ‘(COVID-19) Stay Away From Me’ : Mission. Done. Accomplished.

The Damnsels

Punks from Pasco County, Florida, The Damnsels, make life worth a bit more shiny with their music and beer chugging, anti-virus infection, ‘(COVID-19) Stay Away From Me’. It’s of the times, and of the most contentious subject that the world has dealt with in a long while. But just like the champs they are, The Damnsels makes cheeky interpretations and coy action plans, to make us have some fun and dance like idiots on the dance floor.

Mission. Done. Accomplished.

The trio includes Alex Leniz (Vocal/Guitar), Eric Hathaway (Vocal/Bass) and Drunk Ass Devon who rocks it on the drums. The band gathers up the vibes, brings it to a crescendo of punk and ka-bow!, the band let’s you know what time it is.

The time is now, party time.

Well. Albeit, for a time longer, in your home, social-distanced and maybe eating a bit too much ramen.

Get in with the energy and effervescent punk that is The Damnsels.


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