The Day ‘Jij Wint (Spinvis Cover)’ : Burbles out of the depths. Interpretation, haunts like an original sin and reward.

The Day

Dutch/German duo, THE DAY, releases it’s melancholic lyric video for Spinvis’ cover version ‘Jij Wint’.

“Spinvis said in an interview,… mainly arose from him reminiscing about joyful holiday trips,” said The Day. “We took this as a leitmotif for combining different visual layers with different patina on top of each other as a setting for the song. We felt that its enigmatic lyrics evoke very interesting associations this way. Although we recorded the song in early 2020 already, it feels really recent, because the nostalgic vacation imagery of the collage seems even further away than ever for obvious reasons this summer 2020.”

Laura Loeters and Gregor Sonnenberg celebrates musings with indulgence. One can also say that they are more contradictory than explicit.

Breaking with a song’s tradition and spirit, a delightful texture was added to the original, further embalming the sights and sounds of loveliness. A desire for residence, burbles out of the depths, as The Day’s interpretation, haunts like an original sin and reward.


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