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The DayBreakers // Guido Antonucci // Gemini Rising // Jake Troth // Cliftun

The DayBreakers – Colorado Women

‘Colorado Women’ is the 3rd song off of THE DAYBREAKERS’ album ‘Worn Out Dream’. About the open country, and the distinct American pride on being one with the wild, ‘Colorado Women’ is about the good times and love that is between, two brothers, of this concept album. The band stated: “‘Colorado Women’ is early in the story, and it depicts the narrator of the story, Billy, returning home from a failed trip to Colorado. He realizes that his hometown sweetheart is no longer interested and neither are the girls he met in Colorado.” What fun, ain’t it?? Heck yea it is. The Wrentham, MA based rock band brings that tattered, good ol’ boy vibe, with an addition to warmth and story telling acumen. Kyle Murphy, Matt Schairer, Joe Zahner, make up this fun offering and what a treat it is.

Guido Antonucci – Faulty Paradise (feat. Juampi Diaz)

Barcelona based, Buenos Aires bred, GUIDO ANTONUCCI’s vibin’ single ‘Faulty Paradise’ featuring Juampi Diaz, picks up the the feelz from Depeche Mode, and molds in this tight package of indie-pop and delectable line of notes. The modern textures are there to be witnessed and exposed, whether you like it or not. But from the get-go, ‘Faulty Paradise’ shimmers slowly, simmering with amber glow, as it trots off into a world of unambiguous pension for glory. The crown is within sight. The sword for love is drawn. The final mountain is at hand. Will this beckoning man of pride and ego, survive this long and arduous journey? Guido let’s us feel that life impending emotive doubt.

Gemini Rising – The Future

in one sense it’s about the power in choosing to create your life, rather than being passive and letting life happen to you. Sometimes that means you have to leave things behind or make difficult choices. But I’m someone who has always followed this weird internal compass that points toward what feels right. The passage of time is inevitable, so choose how you want your future to be.” Comprised of Tensnake (Marco Niemerski), Fiora, and, Lester Mendez has done nothing but offered up a generously clever single in ‘The Future’. Off of the upcoming debut album ‘Best Case Life’, the band gives you the feeling of hair standing up and saluting, as Fiora’s vocals devastate all that you’d thought what love should be. ‘The Future’ isn’t just another 80’s tinged song. It easily shapes the way our 80’s memories were and will be – even if you’d never lived through it. The immersive synths, and of course the beautiful vocals, backed by the synchronic lyrics, make this single just too glorious to hold for yourself.

Jake Troth – Alive & Well

Following his debut single ‘Open Door’, the magnetically talented musician/artist, JAKE TROTH, returns with another gem of ‘Alive & Well’. Jake elaborated: “‘Alive & Well’ was written over the course of 5 years, initiated in the lowest point of my life and then completed years later during the best moments of my life. I wrote the verses based on the feeling the film “Harold and Maude” gave me; Melodrama and Macabre mixed with a little tongue-in-cheek bravery.” The smiling joy that radiates from Jake’s play is exactly that kind of mix of the sad, the poignant, and happiness. That’s why it makes his vibe and his music so relatable, with pristine story lyrics, and a vibrant way of dispelling all of the legacy none-sense of the world. The honky-tonk indie-pop vibe is a heart warming prestige, to be sure. ‘IT IS AS IF’, his debut album, drops September 13th. Look for it.

Cliftun – Devil’s Daughter

Stated CLIFTUN: “I wrote this fantasy story while real life wildfires were roaring through Southern California and the sky looked like the coming of the apocalypse. “Fire filled the skies, smoke made me wanna hurl. It was mid-summer night before the end of the world I went searching for myself and ended up with a girl..” I had “Hotel California” by The Eagles stuck in my head at the time and decided to do my own thing with the homie playing guitar.” CLIFTUN is a uber talented artist of multiple disciplines, emanating within the indie-rock Universe. In ‘Devil’s Daughter’ he shows another side of his artistic fervor, with rapping verses, reggae funk guitar chords, and a timely dig of vocal angst and purity. We’d said in a prior review: “To us CLIFTUN is an abstract artist. He happens to express them in his music.” Word.


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