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The Dear Hunter – All Is As All Should Be

The lyrics of ‘All Is As All Should Be’ by The Dear Hunter, is one of the more poignant styles of writing we’d heard from an ‘alt-rock’ band, in a long while. There is a reason why they are so popular.

Their 6 song EP ‘All Is As All Should be’ dropped on December 1, for their fans to chomp on.

And they have, we’re sure.

The songs on the EP, each, represent different sentiments, but our longing was for the title song.


Well, it’s the most melodic and from the lyrical tastes and sensibilities of Casey Crescenzo and the gang, the song just dances.

It’s that dramatic scene out of a Broadway musical/play, playing in one’s head.

It’s that dramatic scene in one’s head, where we take a different path.

It’s that step towards that unbound and uninhibited life, we’d always wanted.

That first step.

We weren’t aware of TDH, but after listening to this particular song, we were thinking the lyrics just had lots of the ‘Billy Joel’ kind of feel, and essence. Not particularly the rock and music, but the ‘feel’.

The feel being: very thoughtful, rustic, descriptive, poignant.

However, all that ‘thoughtfulness’ is topped by fabulous rock.

Descriptive as Billy Joel, thought provoking as Pink Floyd, and dramatic as the Phantom Of The Opera.

Just fab.

No wonder their fans love it.

It’s a gem.

The gang just started their end of year tour, as we’re writing this.

Let’s find out what their plans are for 2018, hopefully soon.


The Dear Hunter is rep’ed by Equal Vision Records out of Albany NY, and through their own label, Cave & Canary.



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