The Deathray Davies ‘Oh Stars’ : The band returns. Sentimental anthem with the warmth and effervescence of rock

The Deathray Davies

Fifteen years have gone by. But The Deathray Davies is back with new material that are oh so good.

The first single, ‘Oh Stars’ (off of the upcoming new album ‘Time Well Wasted’) feels like it’s been with us forever. A sentimental anthem with the warmth and effervescence of rock that is always clear in its communication.

John Dufilho said: “I quickly wrote 13 songs in a row, realizing right away that they were DRD songs. I sent demos to the band, asking if they wanted to jump back in. Right away, everyone wrote back “HELL YES!” A 15 year nap…suddenly we’re awake.”

John Dufilho continued to create and put out records under his own ever changing rock n’ roll incantations such as the absolute punk rock ripping CLIFFFS, the cinematic 60’s pop tinged Corner Suns, and the indie-folk of Cantina. Collaborations and endless touring for both John and lifelong member and drummer, Jason Garner as current members of indie rock luminaries The Apples In Stereo and The Polyphonic Spree.

Though the individual members have been very productive, they felt it was another slice of time where The Deathray Davies must return.

Awoken, the beast did. Indeed.


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