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The Deep (박유진, Park Yoo Jin) Shares Her Inner Depths w/ ‘Goodbye’.

Taking out of context, we delivered the prize. The hex on the issue, became a bigger complaint. The folk gathering protruded and echoed the solum volume of her voice. Silent. Quiet. Never to be forgotten. Tangoing to the two-steps of heated worth. Self criminalized, personal pride.

The Deep (박유진, Park Yoo Jin) is based in Seoul, Korea and has touched something very meaningful in the short prose of a single. Her lyrics are poignant and very much personal, digging at the heels of her un-attached truths of the life that ‘IS’.

It’s in Korean, but it’s a short and impactful. The scrumptious pack of letters and words, collided and successfully pulled at our heart strings, to the lament of our inner childhoods.

There are many alt-pop / korean-indie-pop artist similar to The Deep, but there’s something different in her presentation that gravitates and pulls. We hope her truth to honesty will keep strong, because we’d love to hear more from her in the future.



something something something
어두운 밤과 다시 밝아지는 아침처럼
나 외로이 이 길에 멍하니 서있어도
오고 가는 사람들 믿음을 주고
하나 같이 흩어져 미움을 주고
서로에게 안녕하며, 시간들아 지나가
서로에게 손 흔들며, 흔적만 두고 떠나가
나로 인해 가득 채웠던 욕심들
모르는척 떠나 보냈던 의심들


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