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The Dollar Bill Murrays Share ‘The Shape You Take’. But You Want It Longer.

When you think of ‘cool’, we think of music and single and band, just like The Dollar Bill Murrays. You can’t go wrong. The single ‘The Shape You Take’ has that refreshing aura that has come along well with the band’s overall maturity and evolution in sonic emissions.

The fuzzy wuzzy indie pop rock coders have put the little stamp on this unique feather of this single.

To you, it might be just a ‘throw-away’ single. A song that just isn’t what you’d want in this kind of tact. But you’re wrong. It’s exactly what you need, to satiate that longing thirst for that ‘wave’ that crests when he touches you. That ‘responsible feeling’ tossed out the window, when your ‘lust’ over flows. His caresses never so deep – you want it deeper. His kisses, light – but you wanting it longer.

It’s that kind of weird feeling that is so cool about this song.

We get it – at least we think we do. And that’s alright.

We’ll take it.

What a great distraction to a day, this. What a great addition to the music Universe.




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