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THE DOOBS Share ‘Washed Out’. Think About It. This Time Around.

‘Washed Out’ is a radio pop song ‘disguised’ as surf and turf rock-pop. What?? What does that mean? It means that the song by THE DOOBS is something unique and different. Not ‘different’ like that kid in class who can calculate pie to the 50th place, but ‘different’ as in it combines the essence of what’s pop and squishes out the tomato juices onto that marinara sauce being prepared, for a refreshing take on the whole pasta thing.

It’s monotone. Yes.

It’s several words. Yes.

It’s a repeat form of some riffs and bars. Yes.

But we think it’s as complete as it’s supposed to be. It’s frame is delicately placed with sinews and muscle in musical thoughts and opinions. And through this single, the surfing duo just demonstrates what it is like to be ‘different’.

Obviously, if you read CHF, we like ‘weird’ and ‘innovative’ bands and artist (all in our opinion, of course). And we always celebrate such endeavors as THE DOOBS’ exercises.

Yes. We celebrate. For we are boring, and gravitate to things that make sense to us.

This time around, it’s ‘Washed Out’, and we think you should have a peek deeper into the offering.

Think about it.



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