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The Downtown Lights Shares ‘Trigger’. “No hiding, pretending, nor being disingenuous.”

Briag Maruani, Alfred Joseph and Ivan Queffelec, make up this classically pertained band named THE DOWNTOWN LIGHTS. In ‘Trigger’, we’re ‘triggered’ into a jolt of fun times as the boppin’ rhythms of this darkly written single comes up at you.

“I always want songs to function with only one instrument like piano or guitar,” Briag stated. “But as you play with other people the tempo sometimes feels to slow and a bass line can change what was in your mind the core of the song.”

“I grew up in the nineties when music was still all about songs and melodies. Even if the walls between genres were being torn down. You could be a hip hop or a techno fan, as a grunge rock one, but songs were built around harmony and needed a good melody, not a simple hook.”

Others are ‘triggered’ by that last comment, no?

But we think Briag and the fellas are exactly what they are in their songs and within their gumptions.

No hiding, pretending, nor being disingenuous – the trio rigs the system, then punks you with their own brand of trolling rhythms and salient rock n’ roll.

And if you think about it, that’s what you want at the end of the day, right?

Briag keeps it realz, and we think that’s the bee’s knees.

‘Trigger’ is a driving variation of garage, classic, and surf-rock that just hits you in the gut, and never apologizes for the cement eaten knees.




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