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The Drew Thomson Foundation – A Little More Time

Drew of THE DREW THOMSON FOUNDATION inspired us to write about his previous song ‘Break’ this way: “Take that small leap of faith. Take that small plunge towards the calculated unknown. Set you mind and heart for a new journey, for it’s a wild world out there, and you (all of us) should be indulging. Yes. Let’s indulge in the possible.” And that kind of sentiment continues with his single ‘A Little More Time’. The indie-rock single, with a strain of 80’s pop-rock that is easy to hang your worries on. The sorrows of the now, seems to melt away a bit as the stories of love and affection, seeps into the listening soul. The straight forward and raw guitar work of ‘A Little More Time’ is delicious in its ‘innocence’ and also in its perpetual ‘persistence’. The constance of stresses of the world, is rightly depicted, but Drew wants to remind all of us that it all comes down to the most fundamental of love between one and another. Drew is from the band SINGLE MOTHERS and will release his first solo LP this year. He’s a fab artist and hope we all can support his project.

Jo Goes Hunting – Lake of Pavement

A reluctance to cope; a hesitation to care – often times we are stuck in between the two realms of mental rigor mortis. Finding a key to unlock the potential – whatever degree – is what we seek everyday. Whether we acknowledge this or not, our constant efforts to seek out a better ‘solution’ is always present. And in that sense, we see JO GOES HUNTING’s single ‘Lake Of Pavement’ as one of those signatory moments where you realize that you are, indeed, seeking that ‘key’ to ‘betterment’. Mind you that Jimmi Jo Hueting’s project isn’t emphatically stating that all of us, in a collective consciousness, goes through such inklings, but in majority we all do. Jimmi does one step better, as well, when there isn’t a conclusion to take home, and never confesses that there is such a silver bullet. A thought exercise that agitates the mind, and helps it to embark on a rough and tumble ride through hedges of white noise. ‘Lake Of Pavement’ is an isolated shield against such indefensible inaction. ‘Lake Of Pavement’ is about a city that engulfs nature and with it, our own humanity. Jimmi just wants us to keep seeking for that personal solution. JO GOES HUNTING will drop his new album November 15th.

Sons of Stereo – For the Love

Off of the latest LP ‘Truth And Other Lies’, SONS OF STEREO’s single ‘For The Love’ brings modern 90’s pop-rock sounds that inspire and continue to drive a kind of ‘happiness’ that is full of nostalgia. Immediately approachable, the Kansas City based band keeps the edge, front and center, as the effervescent chords deliver a heaping of goodness through and through. A throwback to a classic pop arrangement, their stadium-rock, AOR style is perfect for a big swath of listeners. ‘For The Love’ is a beckoning of questions and answers often attributed to the complexity of our individual wants, needs, desires, lusts. The cloaked ambitions of our hearts, manifest in seemingly random ways – contributing to the chaos we often re-live within us. But what can we do, right? We are a subject of being animals, on this Earth, after all – with all of nature’s heft, fallibilities, and machinations to boot. All we can do is realize and strive, always to distinguish ourselves and to never giving in. Well, at least we have SONS OF STEREO to make life a bit better.

Tender Tones – In Dreamed Lives

French duo, TENDER TONES is made up of Manon Deruytere and Maxime Pargaud. The Parisians give life to their nostalgic, dream-pop songs with ample synth works, hazily drenched in macro feelings of warnings and beautifully inlayed observations of human interactions. ‘In Dreamed Lives’ is an evergreen example of positivity and meditation for what can be important to our individual necessities. Can pragmatism live within a philosophical and undulating description for self-truths? TENDER TONES thinks so. The breezy single walks through your senses with a nonchalance in appropriated schisms of the heart, never releasing enough information to clarify, but more than enough to communicate to the other of how meaningful the relationship really is. Drama within our real lives, no? Manon’s vocals is fab, dancing and guiding the harmonies with Maxime, as the duo’s aim ultimately doesn’t come to any place, but of you and your own.

Mutts – Your Love

“Feel like a loser…I’ve got to get away!” Deep roots rock n’ roll is what MUTTS’ single ‘Your Love’ is all about. It kicks your butt in many more ways than you’d wanted your butt to be kicked. There’s the hard driving licks. There’s the choral singing. There’s the grit of Mike Maimone’s voice. And all of it just settles right in, just like a pit bull settling into a fight for love. ‘Your Love’ is that fight, an arena where 11,000 spectators can witness a thrust of interpretations on a particular relationship. Might be yours. Might be his. And it might be her’s. Will there ever be a resolution? MUTTS consists of the aforementioned Mike Maimone with Bob Buckstaff and Ian Tsan. “You can’t let the business side pollute the creative side,” stated Mike. “We remain fully focused on our own artistic expression. Ian added: “Remember to just try to sit back and enjoy everything. Patience is crucial – but life is short.” So? What are you waiting for?? Dagnabbit, get to it!


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