The Drywall Heels ‘Confucius’ : There’s no positive or negative. Humans are what they are.

The Drywall Heels

Humans are a fickle bunch. They want things this way; but then they want it the other way. They hate you; but then they love you. They see the world as their oyster; but then they don’t care for it much. Contrasts and demeaning resolve, all culminate in this soup of existence upon the thin crust of this earth.

“This song asks people to interpret it the way they feel it,” said the band. “From our perspective it’s about trying to understand what drives humanity to do the things we do, but it’s open ended. There’s no positive or negative to this song, it just is, and we want people to live in for its duration.”

The Drywall Heels are an indie power pop outfit from Toronto consisting of Mike Ciani (vocals, rhythm guitar), Jesse Mirsky of Elsa, and The Seams (bass), Matthew Goldman of Elsa (lead guitar), and Shane Weir (drums). They ar inspired by 60s rock, 60s pop, new wave, punk, and post-punk.

Rock on.

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Working on a new release. Hope to see you all soon!

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