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The Duke of Norfolk Shares ‘As The Heralds Revere You’. “Graciously through the song’s particular gentile thrust.”

Adam Howard is the beautifully emboldened and understated artist behind the project, THE DUKE OF NORFOLK. Adam is a folk musician who’d grown up in Oklahoma and was inspired by the deliverance in music by many band such as Sufjan Stevens and Ben Cooper.

And when you listen to Adam’s body of works, it’s obvious from the get-go that Adam’s insufferably poignant and descriptive talents, flow dignified and graciously through the song’s particular gentile thrust.

‘As The Heralds Revere You’ comes at the time of personal and quiet anguish for a relationship that had not yet bloomed but at such an early stage, had made such impact to Adam’s soul and emotional demands.

A ‘thank you’ ballad is what ‘As The Heralds Revere You’ exists as. And it is a pillar of what the kind of songwriter Adam can be.

The soulful wistfulness in the crux and crust of the words, imbue the hectic and distracting noise within a person’s meaningful heart. Confused from the contradicting feelings from cold and hot, the lover wants to expand his undying love for the other, before his throat closes prematurely.

The communication towards the other, at any time of a relationship, can be hard. And Adam’s single helps in the hope that we all can do it in ‘some kind’ of way to say that she/he means much – before it’s too late.

Adam stated: “‘As the Heralds Revere You’ is a simple song for an uncertain relationship. It’s an attempt to say ‘I don’t know where this is headed but I appreciate you and am thankful for you whichever way it goes.’

Inspired by Irish traditional music, bluegrass, and folk-tronic band TUNNG, Adam traveled to Scotland to study sound design. His sense for what he can bring to music construction evolved and evolved, coming to a junction as you see and hear, now.

Let’s all get to know Adam, even more.

See Adam next on May 12th at The Hive, in Portland, Oregon.



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